Opportunity for Northeast Shellfish Farmers to Test New Aquaculture Gear

The Northeast Aquaculture Research Farm Network (NARF-Net) currently is soliciting shellfish farms to participate in a research and demonstration project.

The project is a group effort of the Northeast Aquaculture Extension Network and is based on a research and farm demonstration model originally conceived and developed by Cape Cod Cooperative Extension and Woods Hole Sea Grant.

The project includes the states of Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut and New York; it is proposed that up to five shellfish farms per state be invited to participate. Collaborating farms will be asked to provide space and assistance in testing new shellfish aquaculture technologies and to help demonstrate those technologies to the industry-at-large in their region. In return, the farms will receive equipment and support to install and operate the new technology and a small stipend for participating in the research. One farm in each state will be asked to host a demonstration farm day, where the new technology will be featured in a small open house workshop.

Technologies to be tested include using a “flip bag” oyster culture strategy in year 1 and growing quahogs in hydroponic media using a conventional oyster bag in year 2.  The two-year program is funded by the NOAA Sea Grant Aquaculture Extension and Technology Transfer program.

If you are interested in participating, please contact your state Aquaculture Extension Agent (listed below) for more details.

Maine – Dana Morse (dana.morse@maine.edu)
New Hampshire – Michael Chambers (Michael.Chambers@unh.edu)
Massachusetts – Diane Murphy (dmurphy@whoi.edu)
Rhode Island – Dale Leavitt (dleavitt@rwu.edu) or Azure Cygler (azure@crc.uri.edu)
Connecticut – Tessa Getchis (tessa.getchis@uconn.edu)
New York – Gregg Rivara (gjr3@cornell.edu)
NARF-Net Coordinators – Dale Leavitt (dleavitt@rwu.edu) and Matt Griffin (mgriffin@rwu.edu)