NEW Documentary About Oyster Farming

Posted on behalf of Keith A Cox and Stony Pix:

I just recently finished a video documentary project (4 years in the making) about oyster farming in Willapa Bay (Washington State). Although I know aspects of the industry are different from the way things are done there on the east coast, I thought growers might find these videos engaging. The project was created out of a passion for the community and area, self financed the project was not created with any motives, other than being inspired by the dedication and hard work of a community of shellfish growers. The project showcases the variety of aspects and approaches to oystering all told through the eyes of the growers themselves, from planting seeds, cultivating and harvesting the oysters, through processing them, as told from the small 1 to 2 person family farm perspective to the largest corporations. I hope you get a chance to enjoy the project and share it with others.

Project Website

Trailer for the Documentary Feature

Music Video

Episode 1 from the 7 – Episode Series

Underwater Footage of Oyster Dredging

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Keith A Cox