South Carolina moratorium on importing oyster seed

Posted on behalf of the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources

Based on recent information on oyster pathogens and considering the potential risk to native resources (which may be the last intact healthy populations of oysters in the world), SCDNR is declaring a moratorium on importing oyster seed into South Carolina from hatcheries located in areas of disease concern. This includes all states north of South Carolina.

SCDNR already had a policy against importation of oyster seed from those states unless they were coming from a hatchery. This policy is expanded to include hatcheries, effective immediately. This moratorium will remain in effect until such time as we feel the risk has been removed. We regret any inconvenience this may cause the shellfish industry but our paramount concern must be to protect our natural resources.

Questions, please contact Nancy Hadley, Shellfish Management, SCDNR at (843) 953-9841 or HadleyN@DNR.SC.GOV