2013 ISSC Call for Proposals

The 2013 Biennial Meeting of the Interstate Shellfish Sanitation Conference (ISSC) will be held October 26 – November 1, 2013, at the St. Anthony Hotel in San Antonio, Texas.  Through the proposal submission process interested parties have an opportunity to present and resolve the challenges confronting shellfish sanitation.

You are requested to use the 2011 version of the NSSP Guide for the Control of Molluscan Shellfish when submitting your proposals.

Click here (ISSC 2013 Biennial Meeting) to view, download, or print the following documents which are available on the ISSC Website:

  • 2013 ISSC Call for Proposals Memorandum
  • Proposal Submission Instructions
  • Proposal Submission Form
  • Resolution Submission Form
  • ISSC Constitution, Bylaws, and Procedures Article XIII
  • 2013 Conference Registration Form
  • 2013 Biennial Meeting Tentative Agenda
  • 2013 Individual Membership Application
  • 2013 State Membership Application
  • 2013 Committee Sign-Up Form

Interstate Shellfish Sanitation Conference
209-2 Dawson Road
Columbia, SC  29223

Phone:    803-788-7559
Fax:       803-788-7576
Email:   issc@issc.org

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