Presentations Available from April 24th Seminar Series Lecture

If you missed the first Rhode Island Shellfish Management Plan Seminar Series Lecture, the presentations our panelists gave can be viewed online!

April 24th, 2013: Seminar Series Lecture: You Are What You Eat–Health, Food Safety, and New Sanitation Requirements for Rhode Island Shellfish

This seminar brought together a panel of experts to provide guidance on safe practices, health issues, allergy information, the latest on Vibrio, and sanitation requirements regarding the handling and consumption of shellfish.

View the presentations:

Joseph Migliore, RI DEM Office of Water Resources

John Mullen, Rhode Island Department of Health

Lori Pavarnick, RI Sea Grant/CELS, University of Rhode Island |

Martin Dowgert, Regional Shellfish Specialist USFDA