Coastal State Seminar Speaker Update

Coastal State Seminar

Thursday, March 28, 4-6pm
University Club, University of Rhode Island Kingston Campus

“Mussel Farming in Rhode Island”

Scott Lindell, researcher and director of the Scientific Aquaculture Program at the Marine Resources Center of the Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole, M.A., will discuss opportunities, constraints and the progress to date for creating a vibrant mussel farming industry in Rhode Island and Southern New England waters. His presentation will address comparisons to Canadian producers and highlight advantages in regional domestic markets, which include faster growth to market size, shorter distance to market, and better meat yield for prime summer markets.

“Managing Shellfish Disease”

One of the major challenges for shellfish (specifically oysters) aquaculture in Rhode Island are diseases caused by bacterial or parasitic pathogens. Dr. Marta Gómez-Chiarri, professor at the University of Rhode Island, will present her work investigating mechanisms involved in disease resistance in oysters, as well as the role of probiotics in preventing disease in larval oysters.

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